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Alkon Plastics Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1983. Alkon is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of products that add status to the office, enhance office efficiency and their products stand for their quality and reliability. 

They have developed a wide range of necessity based innovative products for use in offices, factories, homes, colleges, schools etc. Today Alkon Plastics Pvt. Ltd. is recognised as the leader in the manufacturing of Small Parts Storage Systems in India

The product range is classified into:



Alkon Supra Bins Alkon Bull Bins
Alkon Hippo Bins Alkon Rhino Tuff Bins
Alkon Tote Bins Alkon Poly Bins & Rails
Alkon Panda Shelf Bins Alkon Panda Shelving Systems
Alkon Panda Shelf Bins - Transparent Shelving Systems for Transparent Panda Bins
Panda Shelving Systems for Filing Storage Panda Pigeon Hole Shelving System
Alkon Louvre Panel Stand and Shop floor Trolley Tuff Louvre Panel, Stands and Spigots
Component Organiser Multipurpose Dislpaly Board
Alkon Drawer Containers Tool Tray
 Alkon Visipro Rack Protector  
 Alkon Koala Pick Bins  

Roo Tilt Bins site is under construction. You can download the catlog for detaills

Alkon Roo Tilt Bins


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Modular Systems. Multi System Rounda File System




 Alkon Material Handling Bins

Alkon Panda Bins, Koala Bins & Shelving Systems




Alkon Drawer Containers, Alkon Poly Bins, Multy Display Board, Component Organiser, Tool Tray Alkon Visipro Rack Protector

Alkon ESD Safe Products



Alkon Office Products


Alkon Roo Tilt Bins




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